Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Thank God for Grandma!

Today we head to Sydney to settle our eldest daughter into Uni. Thankfully Grandma arrived last night:

... to take up pyjama pants ...

... to sew hanging loops to towels ...

... to make last minute adjustments to tops that are too big ...

... and to get the bind on the farewell quilt.

Meanwhile, I'm fluffing about, wondering where the last 18 years have gone and how I'm going to get through the next 18 hours!


  1. Grandma will be able to help you with that last one, too. She went through that when you left home! I appreciate my mum and everything she went through even more now I'm going through it myself! Good luck, I'm feeling for you x x

  2. I hope all goes well in Sydney and your daughter settles in well to uni life. Grandma 's are handy aren't they. Grandma is always welcome here if she feels like a visit north after she finished at your place lol. Why is it that taking up hems and other such things aren't as fun as patchwork but once you finally finish them you think that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be?? Louise

  3. I'm right with you.....having seen two off to start uni in the space of less than a week. I can see sewing runs in the family!

  4. A very handy Grandma indeed. Such exciting times for your daughter, but hard for those left behind. Sending a big hug. My turn is coming. X

  5. awww, a bittersweet day! Hugs for you all x

  6. It is so hard, and she will miss you in the next few weeks just as much as you miss her!

  7. It will take some getting used to for both of you. Four of mine are all grown up with houses and families of their own and I still miss them terribly, It is lovely to see the adults they grow into tho. Glad grandma is there to help.

  8. Oh wow, how exciting for your eldest :) and perfect timing Grandma


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