Monday 15 February 2010

Sweet heart for my Sweetheart

It seemed appropriate on Valentine's Day to finish making this little trinket.
The pattern is 'Sweet Heart Birdies' by one of my favourite Australian designers, Marg Low. And it features a beautiful timber embellishment by Theodora Cleave Designs.
My Sweetness is one of those men who think Valentine's Day is a whole lot of commercial rubbish. But I made this for him, just to stir! Perhaps he'll hang it above his workbench in the shed!
My favourite 'leurve song' right now is 'Love you till the end' by The Pogues (click below to play). On Rachel's recommendation, I finally watched 'P.S. I Love You' in the holidays. Man, I don't remember ever having cried so much in all my life! Gorgeous film. But be prepared to be a blubbering, exhausted mess by the end. Happy Valentine's Day!
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