Monday, 23 July 2012

Step-by-step to a new purse

It has been a long time between drinks stitches for me. However, I did start a new project just recently. My 16-year-old daughter has been pestering strongly encouraging me to make her a Brigitte Giblin Little Hexagon Purse

Being 16, she is a little fashion conscious (!) and very pedantic about colour matching. She was very strategic about what fabrics I was to use for her purse:

Step 1: Go to wardrobe (or take a cursory glance about the piles of clothes scattered across floor), and note which colours dominate. Pull each of those colours from Mum's stash of solid fabrics - lots of neutrals, with splashes of watermelon, orange and teal.

Step 2: Take solid fabrics to Mum's (mind-numbingly extensive) stash, and proceed to pull out every fabric that even closely resembles the afore-chosen neutrals, oranges, teals etc.

Step 3: Decree to mother that tower of fabrics chosen "are the ones I want for my purse - these ones Mum, no sneaking in any of yours".

Step 4: Issue further instructions: "... and remember not too much pink, plenty of grey and black so it will go with all my clothes, Mum".

Step 5: Retreat to bedroom expecting that purse will be completed by dinner time.

Step 6: Take reality check on estimated time of completion of purse considering Mum is still cutting pesky little 1/2 inch hexagons from fabric tower two weeks later!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

A sincere thank you

I consciously try to keep my blog focussed on sewing and gardening. However, I feel the need to deviate just briefly, as a way of saying a big thank you to everyone for your support of my daughter in her illness. The many messages you have left on my blog in the last 11 weeks have been universally positive and encouraging for her, and even more so for me :)
To fill you in a little, my daughter has had constant abdominal pain and headaches since May 1st. She missed most of the last term of school. After some medication to treat a bout of constipation, her pain and headaches remain and are not able to be relieved. Abdominal ultrasounds, a brain MRI and many, many blood tests have all returned normal findings. Of course, it is good that nothing sinister has been found for her. We are very thankful for that. The cause of her pain remains a mystery. I have imposed a gluten-free diet to see if that helps. We are being advised to get her back to school and for her to deal with the pain as best she can.
It has been a tough time for our family. It is horrible to watch your normally uninhibited, happy-go-lucky, cheerful child suffering and not be able to ease her distress.  
It was her 11th birthday on the first day back at school this week. The mandatory class cupcakes were consumed enthusiastically. She has adopted the attitude that if she has to be in pain, she might as well be in pain with her friends! At least the term has started with a little brightness for her.
One of the ramifications of caring for a sick daughter is that my blog, garden and sewing have been neglected. Hopefully, this will take a turn for the better soon.

My daughter's name is Olivia. It is timely that John Mayer's new album has a song called 'Something Like Olivia'. While the lyrics aren't perfect for an 11-year-old, the sentiment is sweet. And when I crank it, and dance around the kitchen like a loony, it at least returns a beautiful smile to my Olivia's face. Hope it brings a little cheer to your day too. Bloom x

Sunday, 8 July 2012


My daughter remains unwell, and part of her treatment involves getting some exercise. Of course, my favourite place to walk is the local Botanical Gardens. 
Our walk served as exercise for the blossie, and a bit of solace for me.
Being a cloudy winter's day, the gardens were quiet,
and the chairs were empty. It was lovely to have the place to ourselves.
My daughter is well and truly accustomed to being dragged around gardens, and tolerates me crawling through garden beds to take photos. She tolerates me laying on my belly to get a shot of mossy pavers or getting up close and personal with tree bark.
She tolerates, but doesn't quite understand, my enthusiasm for plants.
She tolerates me educating her with botanical names of this, that and the other.
And, with a minimum of eye-rolling, copes when I exclaim how beautiful something is, even in its dormant winter state.
And just occasionally, when her guard is down, she yells out with a modicum of excitement, "Mum, look at this!" I came running to share her find: a gorgeous red, spotted mushroom, worthy of any girl's fairyland.

The blossie, despite my efforts to distract her (!), remains unwell. She has constant abdominal pain and headaches and has missed a lot of school. We have had what seems like every diagnostic test known to man, and the problem remains unresolved.   More test results should be available soon, so we'll see what this week holds.
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