Wednesday 20 June 2018

She crochets?

My Woodland blanket is finished. Read about it over at my new blog space.

Saturday 9 June 2018

A new home for Bloom

I was taking my son to his driving test the other day. He was nervous. In his usual way, he was overanalysing the scenario - "What if this happens, Mum? Or this? What if ... what if"?

In a moment of parenting genius (and a little frustration), I told him, "Stop saying WHAT IF and start saying WHATEVER". Do you like that? I like it.

I liked it until I realised it applies just as much to me as it does to him!

I have been working on a new website for Bloom for months (yeah well, maybe years). I have been fussing over this and that, changing templates, worrying about my 'brand', worrying that I haven't got all the links working, abandoning the whole process for a while, reading more books and advice. Yep, painful.

Bloom, 'Stop saying WHAT IF and start saying WHATEVER'.

And so, in a serious WHATEVER moment, I can announce that my new website is LIVE!

As a little celebration and a gift to you, kind readers, I have put together a new tutorial for some cute felt accessories for every kind of maker. 

For the stitchers, there are bloom pins:

For the crocheters, there are bloom stitch markers:


And for the knitters, stitch markers too!

I will be blogging at the new site from now on. Please visit me there, and have a look around.

The tutorial for the flower pins and stitch keepers is over at the new site, so please pop over and say 'hi'.

Can you see it? Can you see me enticing you over to visit? That would be me worrying, 'What if no one comes to see me at the new place'? But now I say, 'Whatever', and get on with it. See you soon?! Bloom x

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