Friday 4 October 2013

Musical time

Our annual primary musical production happens in Term 3. I have been helping with the costuming for six years now, and I love working with the kids. We have a very talented Year 6 teacher who writes and produces the musical each year. This year's production had a tribal jungle theme, so costuming was lots of fun!

There was the 'Bocconcini' tribe, who were prime targets for the cannibal tribe because they were little and tasty!

 Lots of hawaiian print, a bit of snakeskin and colourful floral head dress for the 'Bocconcini'.

 There was the 'Bigboogi' tribe ... 

... my personal favourite in their black and white. I loved the different scaled prints with their red trim. They worked wonderfully on stage.


And of course, the cannibal tribe, the 'Kukabarbi' ...

... complete with papier mache eyeball necklaces and thigh bone headware!


The tale was a complete reworking of the Tarzan story,

 but with twin Janes ...

... and a Julia Bollard thrown into the mix! It was hilarious.
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