Thursday 1 May 2014

Well hello!

You can be fairly sure that when my blog is quiet that there is stuff going down at home. Well, a lot of stuff has been going down lately, most of which is mundane and not very interesting. However, the thing that has been consuming my life recently has been the health of my youngest daughter. We have entered the murky realms of an eating disorder with her. We have kept her from serious harm through sheer blood, sweat and tears. But we are now seeking professional help, and to say it is challenging for all concerned is an understatement! I won't go into details for her sake, but suffice it to say that life is pretty tough right now. We will all be OK. We are exhausted, but determined! It would be sensible to walk away from my blog for a bit, but I feel like it is my one small luxury right now. I do have some sewing and gardening news, and I will share it as I can.

Here is a photo taken in my garden a couple of days ago, 
just to keep you going ... and me! Best wishes, Bloom x
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