Tuesday 22 July 2008

Too much to do, Dear Jane!

What was I thinking when I signed up for Happy In Quilting's 'Finish Five by the end of July Challenge'?! There is now just a week left in July & I have sewn a big, fat nothing - LOL! I took a huge suitcase of quilting back to the farm across the holidays with grand plans, including the three quilt tops I blogged about here, and the suitcase didn't even get opened. Does getting my roses pruned at the farm count Peg? HOWEVER, it is a new week, kids are back at school and perhaps there is room again in life for my grand plans!
I am way, way behind with my Dear Baby Jane blocks, but determined to catch up with the group again. I have done a few of the quicker ones to get myself back into it.
K8 Springbrook Park - foundation pieced.
G8 Justin's Comet - Wimped out completely on this block & pieced it more simply! All those set in seams & eight-pointed join in the centre scared me off!
H13 Farm Fields - they don't get much simpler than this one.
There are some real doozies to be done, including One, Two Buckle my Shoe , Pinwheel Gone Awry and the very scary Battlefield (name says it all really). And Anina is threatening a triangle block for Friday so I'd better get my rear into gear! Have a great week everyone.

A searching question

If you've not found Michelle's blogging Tips & Tricks at Leni & Rose before, do yourself a favour & visit her soon. She has the most fantastic blogging tips every Tuesday. I sent off a request to her a week or two ago for a 'search my blog' element, and genius that she is, she has worked out how to do it. So thanks to Michelle, I now have a searching tool in my sidebar which allows you (& me!) to quickly search back through my blog for anything you fancy. You can have one too - just follow Michelle's simple instructions. Thank you so much Michelle - I could never have worked this out myself.
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