Saturday 13 September 2008

B is for birdies, babushkas & bloom

A little Mosaic Maker magic today. I have a bit of a thing for birdies, so I am loving Natalie Lymer's latest bird designs, & especially her free Blue Wren's Nest pattern! Gennine has the most beautiful illustrations of birds here and here, and TskTsk has both birdies and babushkas covered delightfully on her blog. 1. Garland with russian dolls, 2. angels designed and made by rosalie quinlan, 3. birds and blooms screenprint (gocco), 4. Janelle and Snøfrid, 5. babushka lineup, 6. mini quilt swap, 7. Bloom, 8. Springtime in summer, 9. Featured in decor8!!!, 10. bird, 11. Babushkas with Pop Garden fabrics!, 12. Birds, 13. Matroschka, 14. Bird tags., 15. Embroidery detail, 16. Berries for Breakfast
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