Saturday 6 November 2010

Announcing .... 'Abracadabra' - a PDF layer cake quilt pattern

Boris, my supremely talented (if kinda weird looking) assistant, would like to announce the release of my very first pattern for your purchasing pleasure!

With a swish of my magic wand, I am very happy to present to you, my 'Abracadabra' PDF quilt pattern:

My pattern magically transforms a single layer cake into two quilts.

Quilt #1 is a single bed size quilt, and combines layer cake fabrics with a crisp white background.


Quilt #2 is pieced from the same layer cake, and is a smaller cot sized quilt. I have used a linen/cotton blend as the background for this quilt.


The small quilt includes a nameplate to personalise the quilt for your special someone.


The white quilt has been beautifully quilted by Belinda Betts of Eucalypt Ridge Quilting in a design called ‘Playful Paisley’ by Anne Bright. (Please say 'hi' to Belinda at her relatively new blog. I am in awe of her quilting!)


The little quilt I have quilted on my domestic machine using straight lines.


If you would like to purchase the PDF pattern for this quilt, please visit my shop - SHOP I say!! All purchasing details for the pattern can be found there.


Being my very first pattern for sale, I am hoping that any transactions happen smoothly. Fingers crossed! Actually, Boris, where's my wand? Perhaps I can cast a little magic over the process!

I am by no means expecting to make my fortune with this venture. If anyone other than my mother buys it, I will be thankful! I am just trying to recoup some cash to pay for all my fabric purchases really!

Hope you like it,
Bloom x
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