Sunday 10 August 2008

Kids' Art on Saturday ... otherwise known as KAOS?!

After an encouraging start two Saturdays ago, the kids & I sat down yesterday afternoon to spend some art time together. This week we again used the Art Projects for Kids blog, and Kathy's Picasso Pastel Portraits tutorial. Again, her instructions were foolproof and each of my kids enjoyed their time enormously. I printed out a few examples of Picasso's works (this, this, this, this & this) as inspiration. Here are their creations:
'Waking from a Peaceful Dream' by Eldest Blossie, age 12
'Sleeping in a Garden Bed'
by Littlest Blossie, age 7

'Good or Evil?'
by Boy in the Middle, age 9
My husband asked our boy, "So what do you think makes a Picasso a Picasso"? His immediate response was, "Well you just make it look weird really"!!!
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