Monday 9 August 2010

I have this naughty friend Nellie ...

... she works in a fabric shop and is always on the look out for fabric treasures, which she duly purchases, stashes away and posts to me, out of the goodness of her heart. Her parcels arrive, unexpectedly, and often at a time when I really need cheering up! She is such a lovely friend to me, and we've not yet met 'for real'. Her poor husband has his 'axe-murderer-internet-friend' suspicions!

Anyhoo ... why naughty? I nicknamed her 'Naughty Nellie' because she keeps sending me beautiful fabric when she really shouldn't! She spoils me way too much! I came up with a brilliant plan to, in some small way, thank Janelle for her generosity.
The conversation went like this:

Me: "Nellie, thank you so much for sending me beautiful fabric AGAIN! Please allow me the pleasure of making you a Frilly Dilly bag to thank you. The deal is, you send me five x 25cm fabrics of your choosing, and I will do the rest". (See this post for context!)
Nellie: "No deal, unless you allow me to send you one of my rosy bags".

Doesn't she drive a tough bargain! Resistance was futile. This arrived in the post last week:
Janelle is making these GORGEOUS bags and has just opened her very first online shop to sell them. They are really beautifully made, wonderfully textural and oh so glam! She has some of her PVC totes available for sale too, all made with 'to die for' fabrics. You can find her shop, Janelly Belly Bags and Things, right here. Please pop over for a browse, and tell her how wonderfully talented and lovely she is. Bloom said so!
And these are the amazing fabrics she has sent for me to transform into a Frilly Dilly. I'm very excited about these. So vibrant and happy, just like Nellie I'm sure. Can't wait to see how they come together. I'm thinking they will make for one very cute Frilly Dilly.

Love to you Nellie. You are an absolute treasure!
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