Sunday 21 February 2010

10 things I hate about me

No, that would be an horrible way to start the week - I couldn't do it to you! But one thing about me that I'm frustrated about at the moment is my apparent inability to get projects finished. I get bored with projects quickly, & find myself constantly on the look out for something new to tackle. The fallout is a huge pile of half-finished ideas, languishing in the corner waiting for my attention.
Motivated by my gorgeous friend Peg, the queen of finish-it-up, I am doing some well deserved 'butt-kicking' & declaring war on the huge pile in the corner.
The stitched panel for this baby sampler has been complete for 'some time' (way too long). I have finally made it up into the tiny cushion it was always meant to be, and it is winging its way to its sweet recipient.
Couldn't resist matching polka dots, and white bows at the back.
Did I get the year wrong on the stitchery? Nope, true confessions - it's 12 months late! Perhaps little Macey can use it as a dolly pillow?!

Monday 15 February 2010

Sweet heart for my Sweetheart

It seemed appropriate on Valentine's Day to finish making this little trinket.
The pattern is 'Sweet Heart Birdies' by one of my favourite Australian designers, Marg Low. And it features a beautiful timber embellishment by Theodora Cleave Designs.
My Sweetness is one of those men who think Valentine's Day is a whole lot of commercial rubbish. But I made this for him, just to stir! Perhaps he'll hang it above his workbench in the shed!
My favourite 'leurve song' right now is 'Love you till the end' by The Pogues (click below to play). On Rachel's recommendation, I finally watched 'P.S. I Love You' in the holidays. Man, I don't remember ever having cried so much in all my life! Gorgeous film. But be prepared to be a blubbering, exhausted mess by the end. Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Aster Manor pillow

I have another tutorial up on Moda Bakeshop today. I have made a simple little pillow from 3 Sisters' latest romantic line called 'Aster Manor'.
The pattern uses one of Moda's precut honey buns, but you could use any 1.5" strips of fabric. I have incorporated linen, sweet pearl flower buttons, ivory ric-rac & some piping detail. A stitched band similar to that I embroidered for my journal cover tutorial would also look good.
I have used bows to tie the back closed (otherwise known as 'zipper avoidance')!

I do like the bows though. I think they almost make this pillow reversible!
I hope you enjoy the tutorial. I would love to hear what you think of it, and please send photos if you make a pillow of your own. Best wishes, Bloom x

Monday 8 February 2010

The postman always rings twice

Actually, the postman doesn't ring at all at our place! I'd be happy if he'd just ring once, so that I didn't have to keep checking the mailbox when I am expecting something special! Good mail for me this week.
Delicious 'Nicey Jane' from Z&S Fabrics - I have a quilt planned for these.
And a copy of Material Obsession by Australian girls Sarah Fielke & Kathy Doughty. This has been on my 'must-have' list for a while and I found it for a bargain here. (Unfortunately, they have put the price up again). The book is every bit as inspiring as I expected from these girls.
I have discovered a nifty site for all you Aussie book lovers out there. It is called Booko and helps track down the least expensive price in Australian dollars for whatever book you fancy. Have a great week, Bloom x

Thursday 4 February 2010

Here we go again

School and all its busyness has returned. I seem to be drowning in books to be covered and questionnaires to be filled in. In amongst it though, I have managed to fire up the sewing machine and get some borders on my 'Barefoot Roses' quilt. It is such a pleasure to be sewing again after many weeks away from the machine.
The quilt pattern is a very simple one called 'Ava Rose' by Hatched & Patched. The fabrics are mostly 'Barefoot Roses', Tanya Whelan's very first fabric line.
Tanya's newest line 'Dolce' is sorely tempting, but I'm yet to succumb! It would seem not a lot has changed in the life of Bloom - frenetic chasing about after kids, growing roses, sewing roses & salivating over new fabric collections, battling the urge to purchase - life is sweet!
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