Thursday 2 December 2010

A lot of AMH love

Today, I summoned the courage to cut into my precious stash of Anna Maria Horner voiles. The word that sprung to my mind to describe these fabrics is 'diaphanous'. On checking, diaphanous = 'light, delicate and translucent, esp. of fabric'. Exactly!
My luscious stash of AMH voiles
I have had this in my head for a while:
Voile scarf for summer
A light and pretty scarf for summer. I have been hoarding the divine lace edging for several years now. My sister-in-law bought it for me at a laceworks in Italy, and I have been keeping it for 'something special'.
Summer scarf
I took photos as I made this scarf, so I hope to be back soon with a tutorial. It makes for a very quick and easy Christmas present.
AMH 'Innocent Crush'
I am on a bit of a Anna Maria Horner binge at the moment. This is my stack of 'Innocent Crush' just waiting to be transformed. I purchased these from Cathy at Wondrous Woven Fabrics who I highly recommend. While it waits for inspiration to strike, my stack sits prettily and is stroked regularly!
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