Friday 20 May 2011

Chalk and cheese

I am working on two very different bag projects at the moment. I have been bitten by the paper piecing bug, and am playing with some little shapes. I have an idea in my head for these pastel lovelies. Whether the idea translates to reality remains to be seen!
I am also in need of a new Frilly Dilly. My favourite one is sadly a little worse for wear, so I am working on a replacement, using some very muted, wintery fabrics. 
My favourite part of constructing these bags is when I gather up the frills. The gathering transforms the fabric into something entirely different, and it is always a surprise to me.
Winter has definitely arrived here. My brother snapped this shot at the farm this week - brrrrr!
I will be rugging up for the round of kids' sport tomorrow. Stay cozy warm and have a great weekend. Bloom x
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