Saturday 28 April 2012


I have something a bit special to show you today. Months ago, I made this cosmetic wallet for Australian Homespun's 'Girls' Club' issue. I was especially happy with how this project turned out, as it incorporates some of my favourite things: linen, embroidery, 3 Sisters fabric, a vintage buckle and 'un peu de la France'!
I very much had some blogging friends in France in mind when I designed this project. I have long been inspired by Shannon @ Petits Détails and her ethereal photography of antique French fabrics and found objects. I was keen to emulate vintage monogrammed French linen with this project. 
Moda's fabric line 'Etchings' by 3 Sisters was released at the perfect time for me. The range had just the right mix of subdued blues, greys and touches of deep red. There are botanical motifs, wonderful French architectural drawings and prints reminiscent of antique parchments. Just perfect for what I had in mind! Serendipity ... or even divine intervention :)
The wallet unfolds and hangs up for convenience. Below are the external and internal views:
Inside, there are lots of different pockets and compartments for storing cosmetics. There are zippered clear vinyl pockets (below) ...
... elasticised pockets for storing compacts ...
... narrow individaul pockets for cosmetic brushes, with a protective felt overlay ...
... and an elasticised lipstick keep.
There are many elements to this project, but none are difficult. The wallet closes with a tab and a vintage red buckle that I found in my travels.
When I named this project, I decided to call it 'Coquetterie' for this 1911 painting of the same name by Félix Vallotton (source) which shows a woman dressing and readying herself for the day before her mirror.
The other blogging friend I had in mind when I designed this project was Kirsty @ You Had Me at Bonjour. Kirsty is a fellow Aussie, living in Provence. I am constantly inspired by her beautiful photography of French countryside, and laughing at her quick-witted posts.

While I studied French at school, I am by no means fluent these days, and I have a nagging doubt that my 'Coquetterie' name for this project might have an offensive French connotation. Kirsty, please tell me if it does! I would be mortified to offend!

The tone and meaning I was hoping to convey with 'Coquetterie' was variously: ‘vanity; concern for one’s appearance; a knack for fashion; flirty; playful behaviour'.
This project is in the current issue of Australian Homespun #107, available in Australian newsagents or for worldwide digital purchase at Zinio. The pattern will also be available in a month or two as a PDF download in my shop.
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