Tuesday 26 June 2012

A beach bride

We travelled last weekend to the NSW South Coast for the wedding of the first of our nieces. The wedding had it all really. It was a spectacular South Coast day, perfect for a wedding on the beach.
Everyone ooohed and aaahed over the beautiful bride.
The groom teared up as he professed his undying love,
which of course made all the girls tear up!
There were pretty updos a-plenty,
and gorgeous young bridesmaids.
 The kids got to build sand castles and skip stones on the waves,
and play in the water, even in their best clothes!
Thongs were the preferred footwear.
 And the photographer was in his element as he led beautiful women across the sand!
It was a very memorable wedding, and the love these two have for each other was blindingly evident. A truly lovely day!

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Dilly-dallying with new friends

I spent the long weekend dilly-dallying in the farm garden, basking in gloriously sunny, winter weather ...

... frolicking about with the flowers ...

... and making new friends, who were also out enjoying the sun - and munching their way through my garden.

Some were young and spritely, self-assured and handsome in freshly formed black and white coats, with busy schedules and the world at their (many) feet ...

Others were old and weatherbeaten, tattered about the edges and feeling their age, content to sit motionless for hours.

I wavered between the two - initially busy and enthusiastic, but pulling up stiff, sore and eager to sit after two days of concerted dilly-dallying!

I invited my new friends in for cake, but they politely declined, having already stuffed themselves full in my garden consumed an elegant sufficiency. Oh well, more for me :)

Friday 8 June 2012

Gadgets ...

... and other ways to wile away your Friday evening ;) 

Cool tool #1: If you were a fan of Picnik, and like me, you were a bit lost when this photo editing tool disappeared from cyberspace, then get excited! PicMonkey has emerged, bigger and so much better than Picnik ever was. Quick and intuitive, there are many cool effects you can apply to your images.
 And mosaic making is a cinch.

Cool tool #2: Chip It! is a handy, and addictive palette generator. Simply drag the Chip It! tool to your tool bar, click on any internet image and Chip It! will come up with matching colours.
Admittedly, the colour names are US paint colours, but this could be really useful if you are planning a quilt and are a bit stuck to know what colours to pull from your stash. 
Or if you are struggling to know what colours to incorporate in a border fabric, this tool might give you somewhere to start.
How cool would it be if the colours generated were DMC floss numbers or Kona solid names?! Be warned, you could waste invest many hours with this little tool! 

Cool tool #3: Are you a jam maker or preserver and do you have a plethora of unlabelled jars of indistinguishable condiments in the back of the pantry? "Hey Mum, is this edible"? Well, this gadget is for you. The Jam Labeliser generates wonderfully professional labels with your own personalised details.

Simply print your labels, cut out with scissors and glue to your jars with a humble old glue stick.  Noice!

Have a great weekend, Queen's Birthday long weekend for many of us Aussies. Don't waste too much of it with my cute gadgets :) Bloom x

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Daybook entry #13

Outside my window ... it is freezing cold, windy and most significantly - cloudy! No sighting of the transit of Venus for us today. 

From my picture journal ... the lovely Delbard rose, Paris 2000. 
I am thankful for ... my daughter's first full day back at school in five weeks. She has been suffering significant pain from a bowel complaint, and is still not out of the woods, but I think we have turned a corner.

I am feeling ... somehow melancholy, perhaps not helped by the weather, or the following:

I keep watching ... this film clip by Goyte - visually engaging and haunting at once.

I am listening to ... Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here'. Not really a fix for melancholia :) 

My ironing DVD this week was ... 'Romulus, My Father'. Oh my! A beautifully shot Australian film about the unconditional love between a young boy and his father. One of those films I feel privileged to have seen for its beauty, but not sure I could watch again for the anguish! 
Hopefully my next post will be a little more cheery. If you'd like to share how you lift a bad mood, all suggestions will be grudgingly thankfully received!

P.S. Guy Sebastian's 'Like it Like That' just played automatically on my iTunes. Things are already on the up :)

Friday 1 June 2012

Clay tag tutorial

Thank you for your interest in my tutorial. The tutorial has moved and is available in its entirety at this link. Best wishes, Bloom.

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