Saturday 15 January 2011

Need to spruce up your sewing space?

You may remember my debut project for Australian Homespun back in November - a sewing machine cover that you can read all about here.
Well, the companion article has just been published in Issue No. 92 (Vol 12.1). It includes patterns to make accessories to accompany the cover. There is a simple little pincushion ...
 ... a sewing machine mat, with lots of pockets along the front for holding all your tools...
 ... and a handy removable thread catcher:
For my overseas friends, if you are keen to purchase Australian Homespun, here is a listing of overseas distributors.
And for readers looking for the 'tape measure' twill trim for this project, I purchased mine from Hatched and Patched. They will happily do mail orders.

This issue of Australian Homespun also includes my personal profile, an unnerving but privileged opportunity! Considering my profile photo is now in every newsagent across Australia (yikes!), I thought I should at least share what I look like with you. This is me, suitably soft focussed to disguise the age lines!
My sincere thanks go to Catherine and her Homespun team for inviting me to publish my projects. If you'd told me 5 years ago that I would be writing and publishing patterns, I would never have believed you. What an exciting time it has been! 
An enormous thank you too to everyone who has been so supportive of me through my blog. I'd not have had the confidence to try pattern writing if not for you! Bloom x
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