Wednesday 24 October 2007

What madness is this?

I made this quilt for a friend a couple of years ago. It is a lap-sized quilt and I was so impressed with how it turned out that, in a fit of lunacy, I decided this was the design I wanted on my own (queen-sized) bed. This my most significant WIP at the moment. I need to make 60 (yes, SIXTY!) of these heart blocks. I am up to #53. Earlier in the year, when I started this project, My Sweetness suggested I could have it finished especially for our upcoming 'significant' wedding anniversary next January. He thought he was being quite reasonable & generous giving me 12 months to finish it - I was mortified! A nice idea though. This quilt has come to be known as 'The Love Quilt', and the anniversary deadline is looming! The pattern is Bareroots Hearts & Flowers Quilt #79.
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