Sunday 14 August 2011

Mission complete

Our aim to finish Mum's bag before she returns home is accomplished. She did a wonderful job of it.

And if she happens to leave it behind, I wouldn't complain!

The details:
The pattern is Monica Poole's 'Spice of Life', a well-written pattern for an easy-to-construct, very stylish bag.

The main fabric is an Echino cotton/linen, purchased from The Home Patch, with a plain linen trim.

The star of this design is the spring-loaded handbag frame, which allows the bag to 'snap' open and closed. It works like a dream, and is good quality hardware. The frame was also purchased at The Home Patch.

Mum's bag is lined with a bird print fabric that my beautiful blogging friend Janelle sent me a while ago. It was just perfect for this project - thanks Nellie! 

The pattern has wonderful instructions for incorporating a zippered pocket, and a really sturdy, removable bag base.

I think there will be more of these bags made, I love it!
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