Thursday 26 March 2009

From the Bloom archive

Not much time to post today. We are expecting the entire Mathematics staff (at the school where my husband works) for dinner tomorrow night. They are not the geeky crowd you might expect - they are all lovely, & good fun! And many of them are girls. Nothing sexier than a girl who's into mathematics (I say, with all authority, having done three years of Pure Maths at Uni)!!
... I digress. I've dug something out of the archives. I made this quilt a couple of years ago for my lovely mother's 60th birthday.
Her favourite colour is mauve. This quilt is made from Robyn Pandolph's 'Butterfly Kisses' range. I got brave on this one and tried some free motion quilting on the cables - don't look too closely!
I love a wavy edge on a border. It made a really pretty finish to this quilt.
Have a great weekend everyone. I'm off to clean the house!
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