Wednesday 15 April 2009

Stitching therapy

My sewing machine & associated paraphernalia have been packed away over Easter to make room for visitors. So some hand stitching made it's re-emergence.
Having not hand stitched for a while, it was so lovely to get back to. An immediate calm comes over me, as I sit & stitch.
I try to convince my Sweetness that it is good for my health & well-being. He seems unconvinced, but humours my need (most days)!
Edit - Some answers to your questions on this post:
The pattern? A gorgeous new stitchery pattern by Rosie Quinlan, due to be released in June. I transfer the pattern to my fabric using a sharp lead pencil & a light box. I also fuse a layer of Weaveline, a light fusible interfacing to the back of my stitcheries.
The thread? 2 strands DMC Colour Variations #4120 Tropical Sunset.
The fabric? The fabric is called Sienna Linen by Leutenegger. It is actually a linen cotton blend, so is more affordable & easier to work with than a pure linen. It is 150cm wide and AU$12 per metre. My local supplier has sold out of this fabric, & I will be searching out a new stockist.
What am I making? A special surprise something for a friend! 
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