Wednesday 27 August 2008

Launching Australian Needle Flickr group

I have decided to create a new Flickr group, called 'Australian Needle', to celebrate the amazing wealth of stitchery, fabric and quilting design in Australia. We have such prolific creative talent in our country, which I am immensely proud of, so I thought we could use Flickr to try to gather examples of these designs in one spot. If you have stitched an Australian design, please feel free to share your work at 'Australian Needle' & be sure to acknowledge the designer. You do not need to be Australian to upload photos. The only rule is that the original design must be by an Australian. Does that make sense? If you are not familiar with Flickr, here is a basic outline: TO SIMPLY ENJOY LOOKING AT CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE GROUP: Click here or on the 'Australian Needle' Flickr badge in my sidebar and enjoy! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD YOUR PHOTOS TO THE GROUP: 1. Go to Flickr and click on 'Create your account'. This is free & requires you to create a Yahoo ID and a password. 2. You can now upload your photos to your own photostream from your computer. 3. Go to Australian Needle & join the group. 4. You can now send your photos from your photostream to the Australian Needle group. I am no Flickr expert, but I can attempt to answer any questions you have. Have fun!
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