Tuesday 7 October 2008

Attempting the impossible?

It is my eldest daughter's 13th birthday in exactly one week. I am determined that she should have a new quilt on such a momentous day - only trouble is, I've not started it!! Is it possible to make a quilt in a week? Surely this is no challenge for many of you, but for me? It will mean fighting my perfectionist & procratinating ways, and taking up a new mantra of 'just do it'! DAY ONE Step 1: Send aforementioned daughter to Grandma's for a sleepover so that I can work in secret. Step 2: Choose a suitably realistic design. I so wanted to make her this one, with it's 30+ stitcheries - no Bloom, not going to happen! I settled sensibly on this one. Step 3: Toss fat quarters of fabric all about, especially her favourite Amy Butler ones, & contemplate them MOMENTARILY. Do not take hours to decide - you can do it Bloom, you can!

Step 4: Just start cutting, no lingering. DO NOT FUSSY CUT ... except perhaps for the stripes ... and maybe the spots? Cut late into the night.

Step 5: Just check, in the harsh light of day, that the fabrics so hastily chosen the night before do actually look OK. Hmmm, perhaps more blue? No Bloom - push on! Hopefully, back soon with some progress!

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