Thursday 19 February 2015

'Studying' the inner city

I had forgotten just how long the summer break is for University students! After three months of being at home, our eldest blossie has been champing at the bit to get back to Sydney. 

She is studying at the University of Sydney, which means I get to re-visit familiar places from my time there 25 years ago.

I also get to hang out with the girl in Newtown and Glebe - 'hang out' is probably wishful thinking; 'stand out' is more accurate. These days, I loiter around the windows of florist shops - actually I did that 25 years ago too! But oh, how amazing inner city florists are now.

We were waiting one evening at a bus stop in Newtown, conveniently located outside an amazing florist called The Flower Room. The photos are confusing because of reflections from King St, but can you see the fabulous aloes growing suspended from sea urchin shells? So imaginative, and very spectacular.

I will definitely be returning in opening hours for a closer look.

The coffee shops were good in my day, with many an hour wiled away at Cafe Latte in Newtown, or Badde Manors in Glebe. Today, they are mind-blowing (and waist-thickening)! The girl took me to La Banette, a French pattisserie on Glebe Point Road. Oh my! Where to start?

We started with mille-feuille and coffee eclairs, and finished by walking out with a sample box for 'ron!

The benefits of having a daughter in Sydney ;) I haven't even made it to the fabric shops yet!
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