Saturday 17 May 2008


Stayed up late sewing last night, as you do! Keen to get my new bag finished. I have long admired the beautiful bags of Pink Lemonade Boutique & the inspiration for using linen for this bag came from her. Linen + anything = success, I reckon. I employed my favourite bag-holding model for this shot (aka skinny daughter):In the middle of the night, and with only a final button to put on, I couldn't find a button big enough in my bits & bobs, until ... ... I found these little treasures. They are probably 30 or 40 years old & I inherited them from an elderly relative. I was very encouraged by the claim that any unskilled dimwit could use them! Wondered if that extended to someone sewing late at night with too much red wine under her belt, but I really wanted to get this bag finished. And, as so often happens when forced to improvise, the result was surprisingly satisfactory, even quite cute! Enormous thanks to Janelle, the pattern's designer, who just happened to be on hand to help me choose fabrics. I love it Janelle! If you are tempted to make one of these bags yourself, it is called "Frilly Dilly Bag" by Janelle Wind Collection & there is a list of stockists on Janelle's blog. I am off to spend 24 hours with these girls on a quilting retreat. Too much fun! We are expecting snow at home (an unusual occurrence), so there is much excitement in the house as the kids have never seen snow - a big weekend all round!
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