Monday 3 August 2009

What have I ever done to deserve friends like this?

My gorgeous blogging friend Janelle has done it again! She works in a fabric store, & has access to some to-die-for fabrics, so I put in a little order every so often. She sent news that some Sandi Henderson 'Farmers Market' was in store, so I asked her to send me this:
Being, it would seem, as seriously addicted to fabric as I am, she can't help but put a FEW EXTRAS in the package for me!
Too naughty! And too generous! Unbeknown to Janelle, it was my birthday last week, so how special did it feel to get such a delightful parcel?! Great fabrics, none of which I can purchase locally. She is the best!
Alexander Henry 'Kissable Color'
Miss 13 has her I eye on this one for cosmetic bags for her & all her friends.
'Joyful Damask' by Michael Miller - the cutest Christmas fabric ever
Little Miss 8 has claimed this one.
And even one for my boy! 'Bot Camp' by Michael Miller.
And so the list went on! Thank you Janelle. You are too sweet for words. NAUGHTY ... but sweet nonetheless!
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