Thursday, 6 March 2014

The 'last-minute' queen

Does this look familiar to anyone?!

The bind of my daughter's quilt was finished on the car trip to Sydney. We moved her in to college at Sydney University last week on a very wet and dreary day, so the photos are awful.

You might just be able to make out the quilting though, 
done to a deadline by my ever-dependable quilter Belinda
The pattern is 'Festive Daisy' by Anne Bright.

This is the view from Madam's verandah - tough huh? Yes, that would be the Great Hall she is a-pondering.

She has hit the ground running, is having a great time 
and is enjoying watching the Sydney weather change rapidly
across the towers of the Main Quad.

We are all missing her like crazy, but thankful she is happily and safely settled.

 I am distracting myself from the nagging emptiness deep in my soul by doing some gardening ...

... and cheering myself with new season Johnny Jump Ups :)


  1. A tad irreverent, but would converting her room to a sewing studio help fill that hole? ;)
    The quilt is gorgeous, as expected. I'm particularly fond of the binding fabric, it really looks great and sets the whole quilt off so nicely.

    1. Haha Kirsty, she would be impressed wouldn’t she?! Not a bad idea though!
      How we deliberated over that bind. Tried something solid and pale blue - pewk! Tried something solid and dark blue - too rigid and heavy. When all else fails, Tula Pink to the rescue.

  2. I love the quilted the quilting. Finished just in time. Our eldest (daughter) is also settling in well to uni/college life in Sydney - finding the weather a little cooler than home. Your flowers look so beautiful!

  3. I love how this quilt turned out. Fabulous fabrics, great design and quilting. I hope the gardening helps, the Johnny Jump-ups are such happy little fellows.

  4. What a pretty quilt - love that binding fabric :) Good luck to your daughter for a wonderful term in Sidney!

  5. Now that is Last Minute :) glad she's all settled and hope the family aren't too sad :)


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