Friday 16 November 2007

Mother to the rescue … again

What to do, when Crazy Mom Quilts comes up with the enticing idea of a 'quilt-a-long' and I have too many projects on the go to participate? Ring Mum of course & talk her into doing it instead! (She didn't take very much convincing!) Here is her first block.My mum has taught me everything I know about sewing. She has done the most meticulous stitching in her time. Tiny, perfect stitches.This d’oyley would have been stitched when she was in her early twenties. It is difficult to communicate the fineness of her work in a photograph. ‘Big’ day today – 2nd cricket test between Australia & Sri Lanka is on the radio, and I’m trying to get all my jobs done before the World Netball Championship semi final between Australia & England on TV this afternoon.

A mother's protection

I couldn't work out why I was getting dive-bombed by this everytime I walked out the front door: Here is why: Baby willy wagtails in the lilly pilly pot plant (say that 10 times quickly!).

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