Wednesday 1 October 2008

My mum, the miracle worker

Mum has been staying with us for the last week, and she almost conquered my ironing pile for me - a miracle indeed!! She also had some time to do some sewing. She has finished this bag:It is her version of 'Ready for an Outing' by Melly & Me. It was published in Australian Country Threads Volume 7 No 9. I made this bag too, earlier in the year. Mum also finished the quilting on this quilt for my Grandma, & now only has to bind it. My Grandma is 88 years old, and has lived all her life on a farm. A recent stroke has unfortunately meant she has to move to town & live in a retirement home. This is an enormous shock for her. Mum is hoping a quilt may help her to feel at home. I only hope she will use it! My Grandma is from a generation who kept things in the cupboard, because 'they are too good to use'. We figure, that at the age of 88, it is time for her to get things out and enjoy them!
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