Sunday 24 August 2008

Holy? Hardly!

My 12-year-old blossie went off to a friend's birthday sleepover on Saturday. She put in an order for a bag to be made as a gift for her friend. She & her friends go to a Christian youth group on Friday nights, & the girls like to have something funky to carry their bibles in. The brief was something bright, not too girly, definitely no pink, but some dominant lime green. Here is what I came up with: The funky floral & stripe are 'Eyes Wise' collection designed by Luella Doss and Robin Fleming for FreeSpirit. (I came across a very cool & modern quilt pattern using this fabric here if you are interested). I have made many of these bags over the years, both as bible bags & as simply cute & quick little girly bags. I was surprised how many I had made when I went back through the photos: 1. Pom-pom love, 2. Girly pom-pom bags, 3. Fete bags, 4. Pink & green pom-pom bag 1. Blue & brown velvet, 2. Checks & roses, 3. Fresh blue & white, 4. Pink & brown frilly
A friend & I have made some of these bags for school fetes, and they sell like hotcakes. I took lots of photos as I was making this latest bag so that I can put a tutorial together. I hope to post it soon. 
Please let me know if you can think of a better name for my tutorial than 'Bloom's Bible Bag' - this sounds far too holy for me! I am working on it, but am far from puritanical yet - LOL!
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