Friday 24 May 2013

Birthday roses

One of my daughter's best friends celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday. Daughter decided last week that she'd like to make her friend a quilt ... as you do! 

I directed her to Want It, Need It, Quilt where she promptly chose a 'Padstow' layer cake by Cabbages and Roses for Moda. Her choice took me by surprise a little - very 'English Roses', sophisticated and grown up.


The time frame demanded something simple, so she used my raw edge quilt tutorial. We argued debated enthusiastically about whether to use the two dominant red prints. I lost :) But  we compromised by including a few extra dark pink fabrics.

For a girl who has not shown much interest in sewing, I was very impressed with how quickly and perfectly she put this quilt together. She was decisive and focussed, dismissing any procrastinating on my part. "No Mum, no time for worrying about that. I have to finish this for Thursday"!

Admittedly, she ran out of time to hand stitch the bind. That was my job, into the wee hours of Thursday morning! And so, daughter arrived at school yesterday, a cold, bleak Thursday, with her birthday parcel tucked proudly under her arm. She even tolerated my request to take my point-and-shoot camera to school to snap some shots to show you! Her friend is a beautiful young girl, sincere and loyal. She was quietly overwhelmed with her gift, and I'm guessing the quilt will be used to snuggle under as she studies for her HSC later in the year. 

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