Wednesday 14 November 2007

Golden beauties

David Austin rose 'Graham Thomas' in its glory. This is one of his signature roses, well known for its prolific flowering & disease resistance. A beautiful buttery yellow.

Any ideas?

A little while ago at a local quilting expo, I picked up these pieces of gorgeousness at the bargain price of $2 a fat quarter. This was the day I met Chookyblue in person and I have her entirely to thank for these Amy Butler treasures. She was standing next to a basket of them when we were introduced and it went something like, "Oh hello Bloom, nice to meet you - will you look at this? Amy Butler FQs for $2"!! An instant friend!I have always loved Amy Butler but have never been quite brave enough to use her fabrics in quilting as the prints are so large scale. But at $2 I figured it was worth a try. But what to do with them? I feel I need a design with at least some really large pieces so as not to lose the style of her fabrics. Oh how I love them - fresh & happy, perfect for a cheerful Australian summer quilt. Would love to hear what you would do with them.
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