Monday 26 May 2008

So you think I'm crazy?

Attempting to re-create a Dear Jane quilt may seem crazy enough, but just have a look at this! Hanne has just put the finishing stitches on her aptly named 'Nearly Insane' quilt. It is the most amazing quilt I have ever seen, and just stunning in red and white. Congratulations Hanne - you are in a league of your own! My Dear Baby Jane progress:B11 Melissa's Cross - I foundation pieced the centre (using Minka's 3/8" cross hairs) & hand appliquéd the curves as for Anina's method. The curves on this are more circular than square-ish as they should be, but it is symmetrical, so I'm happy! H1 Peek-a-boo - freezer paper foundation pieced. Hmmm, very different to the original I know. The truth is, I am a bit scared of the Dear Jane blocks that have a large proportion of solid colour. Because they are so dominant in the finished quilt, I am worried I will muck up my fabric choice & it will look awful. So I tend to want to 'soften' the look of these blocks by using more than one fabric. What a coward I am! I8 Pete's Paintbox - freezer paper foundation pieced. See 'coward' comment above! BR1 Rosemary's Window - the first of the border triangles. One down, only 51 to go! There is a code amongst Dear-Janers, which for me at the moment looks like this: 24:1:0:336. This means I have completed 24 blocks, 1 triangle, O corner blocks & have used a total of 336 pieces. The numbers should eventually read 169:52:4:5602!
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