Monday 28 January 2008

From the sublime to the ridiculous!

Hello everyone. My apologies to you for my absence. We have moved house & despite our best efforts, we are having issues with our Internet connection at the new place. In desperation, I am doing a quick post from my husband’s work computer. Please forgive me for not responding to comments in the interim until the Internet issues at home are sorted. I am a little worried about living up to the name of this blog now that we have moved. We have moved from our big, meandering country garden:to a new suburban block:Nothing like a challenge - laugh with me, or I’ll cry! So there may be a distinct lack of ‘bloom’ photos for a while. The good news is that the Botanic Gardens are close by, so I may have to visit there for my flower ‘fix’ for now. Hope to be back stitching soon. Love to everyone, Bloom.
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