Friday 5 November 2010

Giveaway winner

Is I alluded to vaguely in my last post,I have been doing some conjuring with a layer cake, weaving some magic, so to speak. I decided I needed a little someone to help me. With some felt, a vague idea and a lot of hocus pocus, may I introduce to you my supremely talented assistant. Think I might call him Boris. What do you think?
Ha, I need some encouragement here. My husband says he looks evil, my daughter that he's dead!! I won't be offended if you agree - I am no softie maker! Can't say I was aiming for the evil dead look, but if that's how it is ... 
Anyhoo, Boris has arrived just in time to help me draw my giveaway. Thank you for your wonderfully encouraging comments about my debut project. The randomly chosen winner of a copy of the 10th Birthday Celebration Edition of Australian Homespun is:

Bec Clarke who said...
Oh if I don't win I may have to splash out and buy one. I love the look of those projects
3 November 2010 18:43

Congratulations Bec, I will be in touch! There were many of you who were keen to find retailers of Australian Homespun near you. Here is a listing of overseas distributors. Click on the image to make it bigger if you have trouble reading it. I hope this helps my overseas friends. Homespun is a great publication. Definitely worth the search!
So how did Boris bunny fit all those comments in his hat? Well, that would be magic wouldn't it?! In fact, even fitting his legs in his hat is a challenge!
He has another trick up his sleeve. Check back tomorrow for another 'magical' announcement. In the meantime, I will leave you with this teaser! Now, where's that champagne?
Have a great weekend, Bloom x
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