Tuesday 18 March 2008

100 blooming posts!

Thank you to all the girls who commented yesterday on the 'indulgence' of stitching time. The general consensus was: "Forget the housework & stitch without guilt"! I knew I was asking the right audience for feedback! I can happily sew today without justification. It seems this post is my 100th - how did that happen? To mark the occasion, I was hoping to find my very first piece of stitching to show you, done in kindergarten. Unfortunately, it has gone missing in the move - I am hoping it is back at the farm. However, these photos are of little embroidered doilies I did in primary school. Don't you love the gaudy seventies colours?! I do have a soft spot for the little bluebirds all these years later. Do you remember the little bluebird signet rings & lockets we all used to wear?As you know, any blogger worth her bandwidth should have a giveaway to celebrate 100 posts of rabbiting on. Please leave me a message on this post, perhaps even with an early stitching memory or a childhood jewellery story. I remember having a charm bracelet with ten tiny scrolls inscribed with the ten commandments! Think I still have it somewhere ... Please feel free to leave a message even if it's your first - I would love to hear from you. I will do a random draw after Easter sometime for a little something handmade from me. Don't get too excited - after my last post, it will indeed be something small & quick, but lovingly crafted nonetheless!
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