Tuesday 26 August 2008

Little Miss Flat becomes Little Miss Fat?

No, just Little Miss Cuddly! Generously proportioned curves in all the right places. She is 'Babushka Beauty' from Handmade magazine Vol 25 No 10 by the very talented Jhoanna Monte Aranez. I couldn't find the perfect flesh-coloured felt for the face (other than a sickly shade of apricot!), so used linen instead.  Nor could I find the perfect red-coloured felt for the cape, so went with red & white spotty fabric. Considering the aforesaid lack of felt, Little Miss is constructed on a foundation of thin pellon for stability. The girls in our house all think she is pretty cute. The boys are eyeing her off as an ideal football! I am thinking how wonderful she would look on the shelf with three or four progressively smaller sisters - ooooh, but we won't go there!
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