Thursday 21 August 2008

We interrupt our normal transmission ... for Book Week!

There are costume-challenged mothers all over Australia breathing a collective sigh of relief as they send their children off as their favourite book characters to Book Week parades. Can you guess who mine are? Please tell me you can guess!
EDIT: Yes, points to Janellybelly, Fiona & Maria for guessing Lola of Charlie & Lola fame for Littlest Blossie. We are big fans of Lola at our place. My son is dressed as someone more obscure. The bejeweled belt in the last photo is an enormous hint. Ask the nearest 9-12 year old boy, especially Australian ones, & they will probably know! EDIT #2: I am enormously relieved that Penny recognised Lief from Deltora Quest! This is a series of fantasy books written by Australian author Emily Rodda. Lief is the hero of the book who fights all every evil creatures imaginable in order to return each of the seven gems to the Belt of Deltora & thereby restore peace to his homeland. 
D = diamond
E = emerald
L = lapis lazuli
T = topaz
O = opal
R = ruby
A = amethyst
A classic tale of good overcoming evil, but with lots of twists & turns that have you wondering all the way through. Great story, especially for boys, but more than a little scary at times! 
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