Thursday 1 May 2008

Striking it rich!

Well, wet anyway! Just a quick post to let you know we did indeed find some bore water this afternoon. We are very thankful for this as it means I can garden away to my heart's content independent of water restrictions. I am very spoilt! I will be back in a few days with lots of news of the 'Girl's Day in the Country' stitch-in at Nundle. Did I say I was spoilt? Look out Nundle, here we come - 'we' being Chookyblue, Dragonfly-Crafts, Happy in Quilting, Day-Day & Jelly Wares. Also heading to Nundle are a group of antique motorbike fanatics who are apparently a bit put out that we are staying in the pub & they have to stay at the caravan park! There could be stories!

Just one reason for my crazy week

You may remember I posted about our newly purchased town 'garden' a while ago? Well today is a milestone in its creation. We are drilling for water in our back yard! I know, seems insane, but the water restrictions are so severe here that a bore appears to be a necessity to maintain a garden. The drillers have arrived & I am playing 'foreman' for the day (a job that I hate). They claim they should strike water by this afternoon. I hope they are right. I have my reservations. Perhaps this caution is in my blood - my Dad sunk many irrigation bores in his time, & I have learned from him to never get your hopes up when it comes to looking for water underground! Will nervously wait & see what the afternoon brings!

More excitement!

I just received a lovely comment on my 'Spring is Near' bag from the designer herself, Lenna Green. For any of you interested in obtaining the pattern for this bag, it can be obtained from The Stitching Cow website. Lenna also has lots of other beautiful stitchery & quilting patterns available. And you can even save 50% on her designs & have them immediately if you purchase them as ePatterns! Pop over & say hello to her!

Can too much excitement kill you?

A crazy week here, too busy. But the week ends in huge excitement as I head off to Kerry's for her 'Girl's Day in the Country' stitch-in with Leanne Beasley & Rosalie Quinlan. These women are 'goddesses' in the Australian quilting scene, & it will be very special to meet them. Leanne has given us a sneak preview of the project she has prepared for us here - so beautiful! I'm thinking her project will go perfectly with this quilt so have found some snippets of time this week to keep stitching on it. I will lag behind on my Dear Baby Jane blocks for this week, but I did do K12 Doris' Dilemma using a brilliant method by Wendy. If anyone is foundation piecing, please give this method a go. It just might change your life!
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