Monday 26 April 2010

The liabilities of a frilly handbag

I have two Frilly Dilly bags (one and two) which I use constantly. There is hardly day where I go out with one or other of my bags and they do not draw comment. I have been picked out from a crowd by my Frilly Dilly. "You must be Bloom - I recognise that bag!" All credit for this goes to Janelle Wind for designing such an amazing pattern. It is my favourite, and everyone else's too it would seem!

I promised my niece her own Frilly Dilly for her 21st birthday. She turns 22 this week!!

My brief was to create something in blue, green, yellow and orange. I failed on the orange, although there is the smallest amount in one of the prints.

For poor Suzi-Q, who was so exasperated when I didn't give fabric details a couple of posts back, the fabrics I have used are as follows:

1,2 = precious 'Flea Market Fancy' by Denyse Schmidt
3 = 'Ginger Bliss' by Amy Butler
4,5= 'Charm' by Amy Butler
6 = Michael Miller 'Dum Dot' C2490

The foundation fabric is a seeded Osnaberg. I would usually have used linen or linen/cotton, but the Osnaberg was just the right shade of 'neutral'!

I wandered down to my local Botanical Gardens to take these photos, thinking it would look quite at home amongst the newly fallen Autumn leaves.

And as so often happens with me, I was soon distracted by blooms, and what should have been a ten minute excursion turned into a leisurely & meandering stroll from one flower to another. But I will save those photos for my next post!

Happy 22nd birthday Niecey!

Edit - Janelle Wind has a complete list of stockists for her patterns listed in the left hand column of her blog.
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