Friday 8 June 2012

Gadgets ...

... and other ways to wile away your Friday evening ;) 

Cool tool #1: If you were a fan of Picnik, and like me, you were a bit lost when this photo editing tool disappeared from cyberspace, then get excited! PicMonkey has emerged, bigger and so much better than Picnik ever was. Quick and intuitive, there are many cool effects you can apply to your images.
 And mosaic making is a cinch.

Cool tool #2: Chip It! is a handy, and addictive palette generator. Simply drag the Chip It! tool to your tool bar, click on any internet image and Chip It! will come up with matching colours.
Admittedly, the colour names are US paint colours, but this could be really useful if you are planning a quilt and are a bit stuck to know what colours to pull from your stash. 
Or if you are struggling to know what colours to incorporate in a border fabric, this tool might give you somewhere to start.
How cool would it be if the colours generated were DMC floss numbers or Kona solid names?! Be warned, you could waste invest many hours with this little tool! 

Cool tool #3: Are you a jam maker or preserver and do you have a plethora of unlabelled jars of indistinguishable condiments in the back of the pantry? "Hey Mum, is this edible"? Well, this gadget is for you. The Jam Labeliser generates wonderfully professional labels with your own personalised details.

Simply print your labels, cut out with scissors and glue to your jars with a humble old glue stick.  Noice!

Have a great weekend, Queen's Birthday long weekend for many of us Aussies. Don't waste too much of it with my cute gadgets :) Bloom x
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