Tuesday 1 July 2008

Oh my! Fabric by the bolt?!

Precious little to report as my 'no time for sewing' phase continues, exacerbated by end of financial year tasks, the start of school holidays & the sudden (and wonderful!) company of three busy children.One solitary little Dear Baby Jane block to show. This is K11 Columbine. I am many blocks behind the progress of the group, but remain determined to catch up again soon!After all, I can't throw in the towel on Dear Baby Jane now - an ENTIRE BOLT (!!!) of Kona Snow arrived during the week for the background. I'd say I'm well & truly committed now! In an attempt to calm the 'sewing withdrawal' jitters, I am leaving bundles of loveliness all about the house so that I can stroke them lovingly as I hustle past on my way to the next should-have-been-done-yesterday task. Desperate times!
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