Friday 23 December 2011

A meeting of minds

After a two week absence from the blog while we travelled about the countryside, I have so much news that I'm not sure what to post first. But the undisputed highlight of our travelling, for me, has been meeting up with some long-time favourite bloggers.

After jokes-a-plenty from my family about meeting my potentially axe-murdering cyber friends, they were relieved to find that Lenora of Lenora Jenkins Designs and Linda of Gum Vally Patchwork were, like me, both far too busy with fabric and stitching to consider serious harm to anyone!

We met at Linda's shop which has been meticulously and thoughtfully built from materials recycled from an old church.
It is a perfect setting to showcase her beautiful selection of fabrics ...
... with enticing bundles and bolts at every turn.
It was very special to see Linda's astonishing 'Dear Prudence' quilt, painstakingly constructed from teeny, tiny hexagons. It is a magnificent thing!
And Lenora's wonderful designs graced many of the walls, this aqua and red 'Ruby' one a particular favourite with my girls.
Flushed with confidence and enthusiasm for converting 'virtual' friends to 'real' ones, we then met up with Ric-Rac Jodie and Flower Garden Annie at a very hip little place called The Upholstery Gallery.
All photos are courtesy of The Upholstery Gallery website, as I was far too engaged in vital and stimulating conversation with Annie and Jodie to take photographs (or to spend money, much to my Sweetness' relief).
The Gallery was an Aladdin's cave of treasures which kept the kids  exploring while we chatted.
Without exception, Lenora, Linda, Annie and Jodie each warmly welcomed me and my family, and we could all have talked fabric, stitching and gardening for days. 
We shared coffee and stories and lots of laughs. Hours passed like minutes in their company! I left them all reluctantly, but in the firm knowledge that, even if limited by cyber connections, warm friendships can be forged and that the online loveliness of these women is only affirmed by actually meeting them!
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