Monday 6 February 2012

Perhaps Jamie is a godsend after all!

While having a 16-year-old daughter is not always plain sailing, we are reaping the benefits of her insatiable interest in learning to cook. High on her Christmas list was a copy of 'Jamie's 30-Minute Meals'.

She has decided that each Saturday she will cook us dinner from this book, as her way of relaxing and taking a break from study. She plans to do this all year - oooooh yeah!

Her debut meal for the year was 'soooo good': wonky summer pasta with herby salad (above), followed by pear drop tartlets (below). I'm not sure what I enjoyed more; the delicious food or not having to cook!

Jamie Oliver has obviously worked hard to deliver a 'cookbook with a difference' with '30-Minute Meals'. He gives instructions for for an entire meal, so that his method alternates step-wise between recipes for a main meal and a dessert. You can see what I'm talking about over at his website where he gives some sample recipes from the book. 

The jury is still out as to whether they can indeed be cooked in 30 minutes. I suspect not, but the recipes are achievable, and based on Saturday night's performance, super tasty. Mmmmmm, a whole new reason to look forward to Saturdays for me :)
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