Tuesday 23 March 2010

A need for speed

Just occasionally it would seem most quilters are struck with a desire to create (& finish!) something (anything!) in a hurry. This urge left my Mum in its wake recently. This is the result:
She used one layer cake of a new Moda range, 'Make Life' by Sweetwater. She cut an equivalent number of 10" squares from a red backing fabric. These were layered wrong sides together with a 8.5" square of cotton wadding in between. She free-motion quilted the squares together with a stipple stitch. Then she joined all the squares with a 0.75" seam allowance.
The seams were clipped every 0.5" or so on the right side and the quilt bound in red. The quilt was unceremoniously flung in the washing machine and then the clothes dryer to fluff it up.
The result? A very cuddly, textural lap quilt ... in a hurry, just in time to warm Mum's knees for the approaching winter.
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