Tuesday 1 October 2013

Short & sweet #1

Life in the Bloom household has been so full that the prospect of blogging about what has been happening seems overwhelming. In an attempt to get myself back into regular blogging, I've decided to do a series of 'short & sweet' posts every day or two; to whittle away at the mountain of news in small instalments.

I am going to start with the most recent newsworthy tidbit. This happened yesterday. We have been at the farm for the school holidays. I insisted on some 'quality family time' in the garden yesterday evening, which translated means, "I need some help weeding what I thought was a flower bed".

My Sweetness was weeding this patch of irises when he was startled by a sudden movement as a tiny bird took flight from amongst the leaves. On closer inspection, he found the most perfectly formed nest, carefully constructed on the ground and complete with three pretty speckled eggs.

My guess is that this is the nest of some sort of quail, not sure what sort. She flies away in such a hurry when we approach that she is difficult to identify. Perhaps a stubble quail? We all 'ooohed' and 'aaahed' over the find. Glad I insisted on the 'quality time' together! I think we'll do it again today, hey kids? ... Kids?!
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