Tuesday 23 December 2008

A quilt shop tour for Christmas?

I have been travelling about with my family for the last couple of weeks or so, and consequently have been away from my computer & blog. A very disconcerting place to be! But of course, travelling throws up many an opportunity to visit quilting shops! A highlight has been Beechworth Quilter's Cottage, in the historic, goldmining town of Beechworth in Victoria. Inside is a most exquisite collection of quilts, many crafted by talented Australian designer, Yelena Elliott.
Delightful displays in every nook & cranny ... ... masterful examples of needleturn applique and amazing quilting ... ... and some always extraordinary Dear Jane Blocks ...
I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Yelena, and you can meet her too, at least via cyberspace at her blog, Flosie Floo. Yelena has the honour of being the only international designer invited by Alma Allen and Barb Adams of Blackbird Designs to contribute to their latest book, You're Invited'. In the photo above is the quilt Yelena submitted for the Blackbird Designs book, and is called In Mollie's Garden'. You can read more about this ámazing quilt here.
She has also recently had this quilt, 'Reg & Rita' published in Australian Homespun magazine. One of Yelena's works-in-progress is the intricate, hand-pieced work above.
One of my favourite quilts was this sweet 1930's child's quilt called 'Freckles'.
I also loved the old-fashioned look of this quilt called 'Connie's Crowns'.
And this would be my long-suffering family! "No Mum, not another quilt shop"!
So from my family, to yours, a very blessed Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. The photo was taken during our travels, just in case you thought reindeers were Santa's only means of transportation! Best wishes from the land of emus & gum trees, Bloom xxx

Thursday 11 December 2008

Stitchery by Gail

This gorgeous bag belongs to my gorgeous friend Gail. I am yet to convince her to start her own blog, but she would have no end of beautiful work to share with you. She stitches the most tiny & perfect backstitches I have ever seen.
Until she joins blogland, I will just have to sneak photos of her work to show you when I can!

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Nice spice

This is a favorite meal with our family at the moment. It is from Whipped, a really excellent food blog.
A yummy tandoori chicken, recipe here.

Sunday 7 December 2008

Tilda goodness

I have had so many beautiful things arrive in the mail lately, it really has felt like Christmas has come early! A little while ago, Marit from Norway (no blog) asked me to send her something, and this is what arrived in my mailbox in return: 
I have swapped twice now with Norwegian girls, and my request has remained the same: "Please send me a little Tilda"! It is as rare as hen's teeth in Australia. Thank you Marit for the beautiful fabric, buttons & angel sweetness. Just beautiful!

Friday 5 December 2008

A meagre offering!

So little time for stitching right now, but I sneak a few stitches on this every now and then:
The pattern is 'Baby Love' by Anni Downs of Hatched & Patched.

Tuesday 2 December 2008

A little fabric love

I have been enjoying Sew Mama Sew's wonderful tutorial links all through November - such a treasure trove of ideas. For each day of November, they ran giveaways, & I was the very thankful recipient of a $20 voucher at their shop. Ooooh, what fun, and a special treat considering the bottom has fallen out of the Australian dollar. I've not bought fabric from the States for ages.
  Here is my little, summer-y stash of 1/4 yard cuts. Lots of Heather Bailey (Pop Garden & Bijou), a couple of Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom, a little Park Slope by Erin McMorris and one beautiful Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabric.
Special treats indeed - I can't find any of these fabrics locally.

The sous-chef is home on school holidays!


Monday 1 December 2008

Jan, the Rose Genius!

You may remember from a few posts ago that I put out a request for anyone to identify this lovely rose:

No sooner was the challenge issued, than I received a lovely email from Jan, complete with beautiful photos of her own garden:
Jan has identified my beautiful unknown rose as 'Albertine', a stunning, large climber, bred in France in 1921. She says it is a real show-stopper, with passers-by always asking her about it. No wonder - what a beautiful archway!
Thank you so much Jan for your help. 'Albertine' will certainly be finding a place in my garden. Jan does not, as yet, have a blog, but I am sure she would have wonderful things to share with all mad-gardener bloggers if these photos of her garden are anything to go by!
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