Monday 22 April 2013

Little hexagon purse

Today I put the final stitches in my version of Brigitte Giblin's Little Hexagon Purse, made at the request of my eldest daughter. That a seventeen-year-old would want to wear anything made by their mother is special enough, but that she still loves it (and me!) many months after it was requested is remarkable!

Self imposed deadlines to have this little purse finished came and went with monotonous regularity.

But today it is done! The colours and fabrics were chosen by my daughter to coordinate with her wardrobe, as described previously.

The hexagons are 1/2 inch, and hand pieced. I very much enjoyed my first hand piecing project and have a small insight into the addictive and therapeutic nature of this technique. I detailed some tips and tricks that I learned in this post.

And now there is nothing to wait for but a lift to town to christen the new wardrobe addition :)
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