Sunday 12 October 2008

Quilt progress

My apologies for teasing you with the beginnings of a quilt and then going AWOL for days. We have been at the farm with no internet connection. Despite my absence from the blog, I have an update on the surprise birthday quilt for my daughter - some progress, but will it be enough? 
DAY 2: Whoops, no sewing at all! Spent all day in the garden, & fell in a heap in the evening, watched The Edukators - very cool movie!
DAY 3: More cut, cut, cutting. All the neutral brick blocks.
Lay out blocks & decide on placement. 
Days 4 & 5 : Sewing vertical columns of blocks together.
I've so far managed to keep this a secret from Daughter #1, sewing at nights after she is asleep. Her birthday is on Tuesday, & at this point, I really have no idea if it will get done. I will have all of Monday to work on it as she will be back at school. Anyway, it is a whole lot closer to completion than it was 5 days ago!
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