Monday 12 November 2007

Have I mentioned my Bareroots fetish?

Oooh, I was really happy with this one too. I made this for the 2005 Club Quilt Christmas swap. It is a Bareroots design from a Country Threads magazine published a few years ago. Photos of this one aren't great. I remember being in a raging panic trying to get it finished in time, so the photos were taken hurriedly before heading off to our dinner together. There are three embroidered & appliqued heart panels, lots of pockets, and an embroidered band around the top. The handle was supposed to be embroidered too, but I ran out of time & opted for my favourite handles mentioned in the last post! I loved the little hearts attached to the end of the drawstrings. Hmmm, it was hard to give this one away! Always intended to make a second one for myself, but of course, it hasn't happened!
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